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My Story
One night, my best friend Jamie & I were celebrating “Girl’s Night” and we had this wild idea that we needed to make some salsa to go with our 2 BIG bottles of wine. Of course, we had tons of conversation, perhaps a little bit of ‘onion’ fits (watering eyes – you know what I mean) and maybe a little bit too much wine! Afterwards, we said our good byes and I was left with this concoction, Girl’s Night & Salsa! I pondered with the idea of the salsa names, as the salsa got hotter & hotter: I had an epiphany -- Jamie’s dog is named “Sassy”…and now so is the mild. The medium and hot are named after my twin cats…”Crazy” and “Psycho”! Yes, that is their names -- I named them what they are!

Girl's Night Salsa Owner Tracey

I tried this brew out with 50+ of my closest girl friends-- as we attempted to solve not only our own problems but each others (as we naturally tend to do) and voila……. “Girl's Night Salsa” was born.

I can’t say your problems will be solved over a serving of this deliciousness but “we” can say it makes for better conversation over a batch of dip, chips, your best girls & your favorite bottles of wine.

Special Thanks to my parents Herb & Judy, Chris, Diane, Janice, Jonn, Tonya, Angela and Renata.  I really appreciate all of your love and support.  I could not have done this without you all!

Great times together with great salsa and wine is what makes us happiest! That is what Girl's Night Salsa is all about! Cheers!!!